How to Lose Weight Quickly (Really)

Since so many of you have been asking about my progress photos, I thought I’d write it all here – everything I’ve learned in my journey from a size 12 to a size 8.

Now it’s worth mentioning that I am not qualified in nutrition, nor personal training, however these tips are highly supported by many who are and things that I’ve found actually work as opposed to endless workouts resulting in that crappy mirror frustration, leaving us going ‘ Why the fuck am I still the same?!’

It is also definitely worth noting that as much as these worked for me, everyone’s physiology is different and in turn reacts differently. However, as someone with a slow metabolism myself I can guarantee these will help. 

OK SO, Here are my best tips for weight loss and toning:

  1. Replace all other drinks with water: ‘Fat’ in foods doesn’t actually make you fat. Sugar does. By cutting out all fizzy, sugary teas, milkshakes and the like and replacing them with water you are not only improving your hydration and stopping fat from piling on, but improving general bodily functions and flushing out of toxins. This will also improve your skin and overall health. Try to drink at least 2L a day. Add a slice of lemon for extra detoxifying!

  2. Don’t eat after 6pm: It’ll be hard. But trust me, it works. It’ll also encourage you to sleep earlier. Eating our biggest meals late at night is a result of poor conditioning from a society that wants you up and out the door ready to work. Our metabolism is at its peak in the morning so this is when you should actually eat your biggest meal if you can, although this can be very hard so don’t beat yourself up about it if you can’t. The point is, if you’re going to eat a lil bit of shit, LIMIT it to one sugary snack a day and do it then and not at 3am.

  3. Cut out white carbs: We all love our breads and pastas. But these foods are an extremely big barrier to your weight loss. They cause extensive bloating and weight gain and should be avoided at all costs. This is not to say cut out carbs altogether – in fact your nutrition relies on a good intake of fiber to keep your digestive system working and your bowels flushing out everything it needs to. However replacing simple carbs with complex carbs will do wonders for your metabolism and really help to get rid of that bloating. Simple carbs are: white breads, white pastas, pastries, etc etc. You get the drift. Complex carbs are: brown breads, wholegrain or vegetable pastas, wholegrain cereals like bran flakes, etc etc. Simple carbs make us feel sluggish and often have little nutritional value, with a high calorific and sugar content. Complex carbs are harder for the body to break down and use a lot more energy to burn through them, resulting in more calories burned. They are also a lot higher in fiber and contain much more nutritional value. Makes brain.

  4. Cut out dairy: We all know the dairy industry is fucked. But beyond that, it is fucking with our bodies. Most humans are actually lactose intolerant and when you consider the fact that milk is designed to double the size of a baby calf every 45 days, its no wonder it’s causing you to bloat to shit and preventing the pounds falling off. The dairy industry may tell you that its essential, but the evidence of the opposite is there and their agenda to sell the stuff plain and obvious. Even just by cutting out simple carbs and dairy, you will notice a huge change in your body. Not just in weight loss, but also feeling more energetic, less sluggish and a reduction in acne. With so many alternatives available (Almond, Koko and Hazlenut milks being my personal favs) issa win win.

  5. Take vitamins and supplements: No, really, its not as unimportant as it seems. Vitamins and minerals are so essential to our normal bodily function that when you provide your body with this easy super-boost, your body will not have to suffer any detriment to those functions. My personal suggestion is Wellwoman as it provides a complete comprehensive intake of everything our body needs. You will also notice this helps with many other symptoms that you simply thought were ‘something wrong with you’ and give you that further kick of vitality. I top up Wellwoman with extra vitamin C in the chewable form, they’re like a quid from Aldi and really help to not only reduce my acne, but stop me getting ill and kick those cravings for sugary sweets. If you want to super charge your detox, give an intense kick up the ass to your metabolism and assist in that weight loss, I’d also recommend green tea tablets. However, be wary that these are NOT for long term use and will proper make you buzz out and need a shit. Take one in the morning with your other vitamins and use that insane energy to fuel a quick morning workout.

  6. Do THE RIGHT exercise: You don’t need to spend hours slaving on the crosstrainer to cut the pounds. I work out twice maybe 3 times a week.  In fact, endless cardio is probably not doing much for you at all. HIIT (High intensity interval training) is MUCH more effective for cardiovascular purposes and will help shred through that fat, but not tone or sculpt. For example, it is far better to do 1 minute of intense, fast as you can sprinting than 10 minutes of jogging. Your body responds to change in motion and this is why every personal trainer you meet ever will give you a plan of say, 10 smaller workouts as opposed to one big workout on a couple machines. Our bodies get used to it and will slow down the fat burning processes if only the same couple muscles and movements are ever used. Fact. Whilst cardio can be great for trimming fat, it is weights that really gauge the power 3 of burning, toning and sculpting. Now depending on which areas you want to work on, everyone’s workout will be different. But what weights do is really focus on isolating the muscles we want to better, and burning through that fat with high intensity bursts of strength. And every time you do it, your muscle will repair back stronger, more defined and sculpted. Improving not just your look but overall ability. Of course, this all isn’t to say cardio isn’t good for you, as it will really help to improve your overall fitness ability, heart health and mental health. What’s important is getting the right balance for you based on your goals. If you are completely new to exercise and are very overweight, cardio will do much more for you weight loss than someone whose BMI is in a healthy range but whom just can’t seem to bust those pesky last bits of fat that never want to move. My favourite exercises include squats with 20kg on a weight bar, held at the bottom of my neck/top of back, weighted russian twists + lunges, deadlifts, bicep curls and a variety of different types of floor crunches and floor exercises such as planking and yoga. Weight machines at the gym are good, but free weights are even better because they prevent you overcompensating with your stronger side. With free weights you will notice which muscles are stronger more, and be able to adjust your weight set accordingly. It is important not just to exercise only the specific areas you want to sculpt – working out one area will actually help to tone other areas too so it is really key to get a good variety of weighted movements going, to not only work on the body as a whole but get out the maximum you possibly can by continually providing your body with new stimuli to respond to. A good tip i’ve heard time and time again is – you put in 100%, you will get out 100%, do it sloppily or do it as hard as you can – your outputting results will equal your inputting effort. Another amazing place to start is the 7 minute workouts on YouTube.

  7. Download MyFitnessPal: This app was reccommended to me by my old personal trainer and it really is SO simple and easy to use. Simply scan what you eat at throughout the day and it will give you a complete breakdown of every nutritional aspect of your diet and show how much out of your goal you have had so far. If using the app on the highest setting and adhered to, you can lose 2lb a week simply using this. Whats great is when you exercise, inputting the info will add those calories onto your daily goal, allowing you a well deserved extra snack or, if you’re die hard set on it, an even deeper fat burn.Image result for myfitnesspal

8. Reduce your meat intake: When I turned vegetarian I noticed I became much more experimental with meals, and started to eat and enjoy foods I would never have even bothered trying before. Initially, I had gained weight from not giving a shit about what I ate and eating macaroni cheese and pizza until I felt sick. But damn, when I realised how many meat-free ‘meats’ there are in our everyday supermarkets, how much lower in calories and saturated fat they were than meat, I really started to see the benefits and feel so much less –congested in my body. Turns out humans are actually shit at digesting meat and many of us die with a high meat content still in our stomachs – yes, really. Don’t believe me ask the dissecting med students. Har har.

9. Ditch the fast food!: It’s no secret that we all love a good takeaway. But we all also know how heavy and crappy they make us feel afterwards – and there’s a reason for it. Takeaways want one thing – to sell and keep you coming back. There is no regard for creating actually HEALTHY meals, but just addictive ones loaded with sugar, salt and MSG. Being largely deep fried it’s no wonder this combination often leaves us broken out, broke and and broken hearted lmfao. But don’t fear, use these shitty, expensively detrimental cons to fast food to fuel your inspiration to make something better. What I love about home cooking is being able to make your favourite takeaway inspired dishes – how YOU like them. See it as a golden opportunity for fully custom grub. Yum. There are so many lush, amazing meals you can make at home that don’t require you to be Gordon Ramsey or some shit, not to mention how much bang for ya buck you’ll get. I find, the best thing about healthy eating is how physically GOOD it makes you feel after eating it. You don’t feel sluggish, you don’t feel disheartened. A rush of energy and nutritional boost melts together our intentions and physicality, improving your overall mood, physical wellbeing and mental health. I encourage you to make whatever the fuck you think will taste amazing (limiting the carb proportion) – don’t think about ‘does this go’ or ‘do other people traditionally make this with this dish’. Food is personal, it’s inspirational, delightful, and it’s all about YOU! Try new things, ditch em if you hate em and build on em if you love em. As a seasoned vegetarian I’ve become somewhat infamous for my meals and am always happy to provide help – for anyone wanting it feel free to email me at and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

You can also reach me on my Instagram


I hope these tips have inspired you and given you a boost of inspiration to be better, feel better and reach your full potential!

Remember, if you put in 100%, you get out 100% back! Eden x







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